School Management and Learning System - Student page

for students

All education materials are kept in the private page of the SMLS student. All summary information is available in one click.


The SMLS daybook provides student with a detailed information about each lesson (subject, teaching resources, methods and etc.), tasks, evaluations and etc.

Page of class

The entire events of your class are gathered in the page of class created by the class teacher.


Tracking education performance is available for a student at any time.


The SMLS task system archives all tasks for solution and completed tasks. In the task unit the SMLS student can trace tasks and their evaluations.


Each user of SMLS can use e-library. E-library consists of obligatory content (classbooks, video-books and etc.) which was created by the SMLS school.

Medical card

You can view the information about your medical health and your development dynamics.


SMLS provides you with a professional e-learning content bank, which is created by the SMLS teachers.

Food menu

The SMLS student has the information about a food menu of school at any time.

Honour board

In accordance with exam results of the school, SMLS creates the Honour Board.


The SMLS students are provided with the necessary announcements from a school principal.

Social network

First in the world, SMLS creates the Educational social network, which develops certain regulations over the anonymity. If you are a user of SMLS, you will become a potential user of the Educational social network.

Notification system

Notifications system of SMLS keep all the users in communication with the school. The System provides delivery of the necessary notifications to the users.


If you are the SMLS user, you will acquire the SMLS e-mail address. The SMLS e-mail has standard parameters of use.

Visiting days

You can make an appointment for visiting your principal in one click.

School bus

The SMLS student can get the information about the route of school bus and follow it on his/her private page.


The SMLS test bank is based on the questions created by the SMLS teachers. The test pool is available for each student of SMLS. Students can check his/her knowledge at any time that prepares them for the test conditions.

  • Student

    All education materials are kept in the private page of the SMLS student. All summary information is available in one click.

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  • Parent

    The SMLS parents can control the education of their child without regard to time and space constraints and by that they will be involved in the educational process.

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  • Teacher

    Standardized teaching parameters can be easily maintained using the selection bar of SMLS.

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  • Administration

    SMLS provides for school officials with a comprehensive administrative system. Relevant data can be viewed and controlled on their private pages.

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