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Our mission is to ensure the requirements of the XXI century education. Therefore, we are looking for organizations that can cooperate with us in creating the modern educational system. Thank you in advance for accepting our offer for cooperation. A successful company requires successful partners.

  • Today it is one of the most dynamically developing private educational establishments of Baku city.
  • Learn with us, solve with us !
  • Novopecherska school
  • PASHA Bank is one of Azerbaijan's leading corporate banks.
  • The stable, safe, dynamically developing non-state comprehensive school.
  • The Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of communications and high technologies
  • Azerbaijan State fund for development of information technologies


SMLS is designed for comprehensive schools. The principal of any educational institution of any country can join SMLS via Internet and register due to its educational standards. SMLS ensures the information security and so it is a reliable partner of each school. Due to SMLS, routine duties no longer take a long time! SMLS is available for the users 365 days of a year.

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  • Student

    All education materials are kept in the private page of the SMLS student. All summary information is available in one click.

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  • Parent

    The SMLS parents can control the education of their child without regard to time and space constraints and by that they will be involved in the educational process.

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  • Teacher

    Standardized teaching parameters can be easily maintained using the selection bar of SMLS.

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  • Administration

    SMLS provides for school officials with a comprehensive administrative system. Relevant data can be viewed and controlled on their private pages.

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