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The age of electronic administration and networking requires to create the modern educational system and
the Educational Social Network for educational and ICT experts.
The modern educational system is able:
to create the modern digital information resources of the education,
to form the continuous educational conception,
to make the learning process more effective and accessible,
to improve communication between participants of the learning process without regard to time and space constraints,
to permit students to get access to all educational materials.
The School Management and Learning System (SMLS) ensures the above requirements.

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  • Qabil Alasgarov

    Head of the project

  • Farid Jafarlee

    Front-end / back-end developer

  • Zarifa Mammadova


  • Anar Jafarov

    Chief technology officer

  • Firangiz Alasgarova

    Office manager

  • Tural Azad


Gülşən Səmədova
Head of English department of The XXI century International Education and Innovation Centre

Via the School Management and Learning System (SMLS) we plan lessons before and uploading content, tests as it is a save of time and you avoid looking through tons of materials and then copy paste them. At the lesson you have just got to open your page to use what you have already prepared. Besides teachers can share with each other tests, materials, etc. easily. The ready given format of the lesson plan is easy to fulfill.
It’s convenient to use the uploaded resources at the lesson. Tests on the topic help the teacher to find out how well the students learn the topic materials and make necessary adaptations, planning further steps. I open my page at the lesson and use the necessary materials organizing the students’ work in groups and pairs. So the teacher can be flexible using the resources.

Hüseyn Eldar
public relations

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  • Student

    All education materials are kept in the private page of the SMLS student. All summary information is available in one click.

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  • Parent

    The SMLS parents can control the education of their child without regard to time and space constraints and by that they will be involved in the educational process.

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  • Teacher

    Standardized teaching parameters can be easily maintained using the selection bar of SMLS.

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  • Administration

    SMLS provides for school officials with a comprehensive administrative system. Relevant data can be viewed and controlled on their private pages.

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